St. Joseph County Public Library
Meeting Room Booking Guidelines

Application for a series of meetings in the next calendar year will be taken after September 1st of the current year.  An application for a single meeting will not be accepted more than (12) months in advance of the meeting date.  In the interest of providing service to as many groups as possible, use of meeting rooms by any one group is limited to 6 hours per month.

There are no tutorial rooms available.  This is necessary to economize on set-up and application processing times.  Groups of four (4) and under are welcome to use a table in the Library, if they are quiet and considerate of other patrons.

7-day advance notice is required when booking meeting rooms.

The Library does not provide any office services, equipment or supplies including, but not exclusively fax, telephone, photocopying, and computers except, as available in regular patron areas.  The Library does not have staff available for loading, unloading, or carrying of any group’s materials.

Any group who cancels or does not show up three (3) times will have its meeting room privileges revoked for the rest of the calendar year.
Any publicity prepared by an organization about its meeting, (i.e., brochures, flyers, radio and TV announcements), MUST carry the name of the organization sponsoring the meeting.   The Library may not be identified as a sponsor.  In any publicity, the Library name must be given as “The St. Joseph County Public Library” (branch name and address, if applicable), 304 S. Main St., South Bend, IN.  The Library telephone numbers may not be given for information access.  Library staff is not responsible for handling registrations for groups meeting in the Library. 

For audio-visual equipment requested on the application, a $20.00 (checks only) fully refundable security deposit is required.   The Library staff is not available for equipment operation.   Audio-visual equipment requests are subject to availability, and must be made 7-days in advance.

Cancellations should be telephoned immediately to the following numbers:

Main Library235-4191      Lakeville Branch 784-3446
Centre Township Branch 251-3700   North Liberty Branch 574-656-3664
Francis Branch 282-4641   River Park Branch 282-4635
German Township Branch271-5144   Tutt Branch 282-4637
LaSalle Branch 282-4633   Western Branch 282-4637